About Us

About Us

FairWear is a clothing store building a movement towards a better clothing economy by encouraging fair manufacturing practices around the world.


Our vision is of a world where a hard weeks work for the millions of garment workers around the world yields enough pay to feed their children, send them to school and invest in their families’ future. Its not just a good thing to do, its good business.

Our Story

FairWear was founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh that claimed the lives of over 1100 people. We believe that the work of clothing the world ought to pay enough to support a family, and the workers who make this industry possible deserve to be treated with respect, kept safe and treated fairly.


All of us buy clothes, so FairWear is dedicated to helping everyone make better purchasing decisions, putting the power of your economic choices to work for good. We do this by promoting clothing companies who make a real commitment to doing things better and spurring innovative approaches to manufacturing in the developing world.


We are going to build a better garment industry, even if we have to do it one garment at a time.