The FAIR Shirt Project

The FAIR Shirt Project

FairWear is excited to announce the launch of our first step in building a better garment economy: The FAIR Shirt Project.

tshirtwtshirtMany companies who manufacture their clothes in places like Bangladesh don’t know much about the production partners they are contracting with, and are reluctant to look too closely for fear of what they might find.  FairWear is determined to prove that taking the time to pick responsible partners who keep their employees safe and treat them with respect is not too much to ask and that you can still turn a profit while paying fair wages.  In fact we are taking the extra step of lifting worker wages for as long as it takes to fulfill the order by as much as 35% above the prevailing rate in Bangladesh.


Buy a Shirt

To accomplish this we will be crowdfunding the t-shirt.  It will be a simple, heather gray pocket tee, made of high quality cotton, in a men’s and women’s cut, sizes S, M, L , and XL.  We are taking orders in advance of production and will be placing the first manufacturing order as soon as we receive enough orders. Place your order now.

Change a Life

brac-logoThe campaign launched April 24, on the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.  For each FAIR shirt sold we will be donating $1 to the Bangladesh Humanitarian Fund which will support the victims of the Rana Plaza Collapse and a preparedness fund for future humanitarian needs. It is run by BRAC: a humanitarian organization founded in Bangladesh 40 years ago.

Beyond just donating to the victims of tragedy, this project will put extra money directly into the hands of garment workers, allowing them to invest in the health and well being of their families.  The larger an order we place, the bigger effect we can have.

Start a Revolution

The impact of what we are doing will stretch far beyond this one act of justice.  By demonstrating that there is a customer base willing to choose FAIR clothes, you will send a strong message to the fashion industry that it is time to change the broken system of anonymous transactions that has done so much harm. We are challenging the status quo and laying the groundwork for an ethical revolution in the way our clothes are made.

It is time to turn our hopes for a more just world into action.